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It is best to allow between 7 to 14 days, however in particular circumstances the funeral can take place in less than 7 days from the first call to our team. This will depend on what paperwork is required, the availability of ministers and committal venues and any other factors which take time to organise.
The Registrar will issue you with one copy. You will need another 4-5 copies to be able to send to the bank, solicitors etc. They cost approx. £11.00 each. In most cases we won’t require this certificate and will only need the ‘Green Certificate,’ which is sent to us directly.
Many funerals in the UK follow traditional religious practices with a typical service taking approx. 30-40 minutes. In some cases this may extend to over an hour. However there is also the option of a humanist or secular service which would include poetry, music and an appreciation of the life of your loved one. We are able to arrange a secular officiant for you if this is what you require.
Yes you can. We always recommend a simple course of embalming takes place before we dress someone in their own clothing. Alternatively, we can provide a shroud.
Most definitely - to help, we would give a quick briefing to ensure that all are prepared and we will be on hand to help at all times with carrying the coffin.
There are several factors that determine the funeral cost i.e. style of funeral, choice of coffin, number of limousines required, etc. We will provide you with an itemised estimate of funeral costs.
Many hospitals and hospices will have bereavement officers or family liaison officers who offer support and practical advice about the next steps, and they will inform you of the nearest registry office. Once you have called the team here at A. France & Son, we will liaise with the facility to make any needed arrangements for you. When you register the death, you will then receive a green certificate - and this will enable our undertakers to take your loved one into our care. We can also pay home visits to make funeral arrangements if this is preferable.
If your loved one has died unexpectedly or the cause of death is not clear, the case may be referred to a coroner. It is also a good idea to call the funeral company at an early stage too - we can make provisional arrangements and liaise closely with the coroner during this time.
When a death occurs abroad, we liaise with several parties, including yourself, the overseas funeral director, the British Consulate or Embassy and the UK Coroner. This is to organise any needed documentation to arrange for the repatriation of your loved one. Check to see if the overseas costs are covered in the insurance policy. Here at A. France & Son, we have years of repatriation experience, so simply get in touch to discuss your needs further.

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