Reconnecting with nature

Natural Burial 

No two people are the same, and at A. France & Son we believe that the same should be said of funerals. 

This is why we offer a wide range of funeral choices that cater for the preferences and wishes of everyone. 

This includes those looking for a natural burial.

A natural burial is an alternative funeral choice that is considered more environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional funerals, green burials will only use biodegradable materials and will not use any harmful chemicals – such as those typically used in the embalming process. 

All of these types of ceremonies will also take place at a natural burial ground, which is usually a meadow or woodland where loved ones can be laid to rest in a peaceful location. 

To learn more about natural burials, A. France & Son is here to help. 

Natural Burial Ground

At A. France & Son, we have access to many of the local areas’ most beautiful natural burial sites, including Green Acres Cemeteries & Ceremonial Parks, meaning your loved one can be laid to rest in picturesque locations that also preserve the existing natural habitat.

We work across Holborn, Kings Cross, Hendon and more, so if you want further information about a natural burial for you or your loved one, get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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